Pigeon Club Membership Application

(At this time we are unable to take online applications. Please print this out on your printer,
fill it in and mail it to the address at the bottom.)

Yes, I would like to join the Texas Pigeon Association. I will receive the quarterly bulletin
and all mailings concerning club activities, shows and meetings.

TPA Dues cover the calendar year January through December: Please check one:

____Adult (18 and older) $10.00 One vote

____Family (all adults and children in a family unit) One vote total. $15.00

____Junior (under 18) No vote, regularly $5.00, *FREE* to new Junior members

Name ______________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________State________ Zip_____________

Phone _____________________________E-mail ____________________________

Birthday (Month & Day only) ______________________

Which breed/s of pigeons do you currently have?____________________________



I agree to have the following listed on the TPA website:(please check)
_____ my Name ____ Address ____ Phone Number _____ Email address
_____ Breeds
OR ______ Do not put my information on the website

Which of the following activities would you like to participate in?

___ All Age Pigeon Shows ___ Lawn Shows ___Young Bird Shows ___ Club Parties

___ Write articles/reports for the Bulletin ___ Show Set Up ___ Club officer

___ Donate $$ or trophies for shows ___ Develop programs for meetings

I hereby apply for membership to the Texas Pigeon Association and agree to abide by its Constitution.

Signature____________________________________________ Date ___________________________

Send this application and payment for dues to:
Fred Langridge, TPA Secretary/Treasurer
819 Eli Ave
Dallas, TX 75211

Thanks for your interest in the TPA and welcome to the club!